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  • "All these planks somehow go together and make a boat.

    And that boat somehow can hold us, take us all on a voyage. The voyage of a busted-up community to a better future.”

    Colin Macleod

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  • Our work provides a safe harbour where people whose lives have been battered by storms can find skills, purpose and inspiration. Storms such as worklessness, depression or addiction.

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  • We build traditional boats, produce a range of small craft items & make bespoke furniture. We also stock both air and kiln dried Scottish hardwoods and sell firewood.

    In our workshops both boats and lives are re-built.

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GalGael provides learning experiences anchored in practical activities that offer purpose and meaning.

We provide a space that serves as something of a safe harbour for those whose lives have been battered by storms such as worklessness, depression or addiction.

We offer a workplace that challenges, inspires and creates the conditions conducive to learning; a space where mistakes are not only made but owned as our best teachers, where issues are left at the door and new identities forged.

News and Events

  • GalGael's Charter

    Last Summer, we launched our Charter – the outcome of a collaborative process that involved our whole community; participants,...

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  • Annual General Meeting - Thurs 22 Sept

    Many thanks to all those who managed along to our AGM!

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Start your Journey

Are you up for the journey? Our Journey On programme seeks to reconnect people with the best within themselves through positive learning journeys grounded in practical activity.

Activities like working on producing our range of wooden products or working alongside crafts-folk to handcraft furniture, cooking in the kitchen, processing Scottish timber or helping out at a range of public events.

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Some have had it rougher, some have had it easier but we all know what we've been through in our lives and we're all in the same boat.



Journey On Graduate & Timber Hand

Galgael Shop

GalGael Enterprises (a trading subsidiary of GalGael Trust) stock a wide range of products that are hand crafted, by our participants here in Glasgow. There is more than meets the eye, Enterprises also provide a wide range of services such as: the Commissions team can design and build one off pieces. There is a Timber yard and showroom, which stocks ethically, sourced, Scottish hardwoods, firewood and provides milling services too. Furthermore there is a great Graft team who are involved with outdoor property maintenance. All profits by Enterprises are fed back into the Trust. Local craft, local materials, local people.

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GalGael Crafted, Scottish, Wooden Products
  • GalGael Crafted, Scottish, Wooden Products
  • GalGael Bespoke and Scottish
  • GalGael Timber and Milling
  • GalGael Firewood
  • GalGael Boat Building
  • GalGael Graft Team