Few experiences can be as inspirational as setting out in a boat you helped to build. So one of the ways in which GalGael seek to live out its purpose is through getting people out in boats, experiencing our lochs and seas and expanding sense of territory. This provides opportunities for our voyagers to experience their limits but most importantly their strengths. Mastering your oar to row in time with your fellow crew members is a significant moment and in an individualistic society one of the few chances we get to experience true cooperation – this goes beyond team work. 

GalGael’s Voyaging Society seeks to:

1. Re-connect coastal communities and reclaim maritime heritage by sailing to and engaging with coastal communities

2. Undertake voyages as a vehicle for personal transformation and development.

3. Build, maintain and sail traditional boats to reinstate pride in the Govan and Clyde ship building communities, generate interest in Scottish traditional boats and to promote seafaring, uphold traditional maritime skills and culture and to explore voyaging as a part of our cultural heritage.