We want to be part of your project, and weave it with the work and life of our community.  GalGael is a space where great things are made and where meaningful links to others are established and nurtured.


We have the space, the tools, the collective knowledge of the team and the individual knowledge of our volunteers, staff and participants.  Our woodwork program is equivalent to The National 4 Certificate Practical Woodworking SCQF level 4 (24 SCQF credit points).

We also offer a distinct experience of a different way of working and living that is not based on privilege and inequality, so we will ask you to leave pre-conceptions at the door and be open.  You will meet people from all corners of life, in a respectful but joyful community where mistakes are embraced but frankly talked about.

If you want a taster of what you could do here, we have an Open Workshop on Thursdays, which anyone can attend.


Unfortunately, one thing we cannot offer is storage for the objects in a large project. If you are building a large thing, you would have to transport it here and back.  If you are working on a small project you will be able to leave it with us, as long as you make sure to label it so that there will be no confusions and it will not be taken away.



We welcome anyone who wants to join us in our learning journey. We are creating a diverse and rich community by working together.  However, because of unfair circumstances in life, some people have been marginalised and get less opportunities, and we try to balance that by giving priority to individuals with complex needs.  If you feel that you enjoy a comfortable position in society and are getting something from GalGael, maybe you can contribute with something in exchange: be it your time, your testimony or your financial help, and we invite you to do so


When you have familiarised yourself with what GalGael is about, you might be willing to accept the basic conditions of our space. You fill a registration form and contact us to arrange an induction tour.  Then, subject to availability of space and our needs-based queuing system, you can arrange with us a bench and a time schedule when you can come and work.

We are looking forward for you to work with us!