GalGael’s activities offer folk a place of work, some respect and some tools. We work to create a therapeutic environment however what we offer is firmly based in practical skills. So we are reliant on ongoing working relationships with our partner agencies in supporting people with complex needs.

Our workshop is an semi-industrial environment with machinery & chemicals. So please consider the following;

  • Does the applicant demonstrate sufficient coherence and have they stabilised chaotic addiction or behavioural issues?
  • Does the applicant demonstrate awareness of the expectations that a work environment places on them? For example; focus, responsibility, teamwork, health & safety?
  • What would indicate that the applicant is motivated to participate fully in the activity? How much do they know about what GalGael does & doesn’t offer?

In order to appropriately manage our duty of care to all those in the GalGael community we require all applicants to complete an individualised risk assessment.

We rely on the ongoing engagement of referring agencies in providing support with referrals specific needs. Beyond this we need to be informed if there are any changes in their circumstances that would have an impact on their behaviour, risk of harm to self or others or on their attendance.

To make a referral:

We recommend visiting with the applicant for a tour. This gives the person an opportunity to decide if its really for them. It can be useful to do this before completing an application and risk assessment form.

  • Download and complete an application form and risk assessment form
  • Email, post or hand the completed forms in to us at Fairley Street
  • We will write to offer the applicant a place with a date of our next intake and welcome day 

We also accept 'self-referrals' - simply complete the application form yourself and get your GP to complete the risk assessment form.