I'm taking on my first marathon on the 27th May and I need your support. I’ll be raising money for GalGael Trust - a community in Govan that loves a challenge and supports finding purpose and meaning in practical activities - something I’ll certainly be doing as I put one foot in front of the other for 26.2 miles! 
And my employers will generously double-match any donation - so if you put in one pound, they’ll throw in two! 
Thank you for your support - for me and for GalGael. Let’s see GalGael benefit through every step of this challenge!            - Colleen

Marathon details: 
Edinburgh Marathon - the second largest marathon in the UK
Sunday 27th May, 10am
Starts: Potterow, EH8 9AL
Finish: Pinkie Playing Fields, EH21 7HA

Colleen Souness