The core of our work at GalGael is about offering activities that help people regain a positive sense of both self and community. A strong band of dedicated volunteers are key to making these activities happen.

We need volunteers with a range of skills to take on roles in different parts of the organisation.

This page includes answers to some of the most common FAQs about volunteering at GalGael. If you need any more information please contact us.

Who typically volunteers for GalGael?

Our volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds including:

  • Ex participants. Volunteering is often a good next step once you’ve completed the GalGael programme.
  • Retired craftspeople. Keeping traditional skills alive is a big part of what GalGael is about. Many of our volunteers are people who have finished work and are keen to pass on the skills that they have learnt through their careers.
  • Local supporters. Some of our volunteers are people who simply want to support the work that GalGael does.

How much of time commitment does volunteering at GalGael involve?

Depending on a particular volunteer’s skill set and availability we will schedule you in from as little as a half day per week to five full days per week. 

What sort of volunteer roles are there at GalGael?

There are two distinct types of volunteering roles at GalGael. The first type involves roles that we need to fill on a weekly rota basis. These roles are scheduled in and you’ll be expected to sign up to a shifts per week to help us plan.

Some typical weekly volunteer roles include:

  • Bench Trainer: Support teaching at our benches in basic woodworking.
  • Receptionist: Welcome people, answer the phone, help with filing etc.
  • Machine Shop Technician: Support smooth running of woodworking machines that are in our machine shop.
  • Store-person: Look after the safe storage and maintenance of key tools and equipment in the GalGael workshop.
  • Kitchen Assistant: Ensure that there is a good healthy lunch for participants, volunteers and staff every day.
  • Timber Hand: We need timber hands at varying times depending on the supply of timber in the round available.
  • Gardener: We need gardeners to take care of our new Unexpected Garden facing Ibrox Terrace

Do GalGael volunteers get paid?

Volunteering at GalGael is just that… volunteering. That’s not to say there are no rewards from volunteering with us. Often new skills are learnt, fun is had and new friends are made. We’ll also do our best to make sure that you aren’t out of pocket. For example, we’ll cover travel expenses for key roles.

How to apply?

Fill out and submit Volunteer Form - either online or by downloading and printing this form. We’ll contact you to let you know if there are volunteer vacancies for the role and times you've expressed interest in.

If we can offer you a role, we'll arrange a visit to GalGael and an informal interview will be arranged. If we can offer you a role, references will be checked prior to starting.

Relevant training and on-going supervision are provided.

You might want to experience a taste of working at GalGael by coming along to one of our open workshop nights on a Thursday.