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Our work is powered by people! Our Kinship members stand with us in this work through regular giving. A monthly donation - no matter how small - builds a solid base from which GalGael can offer hope & grow its pioneering approach.


Author: Gehan Macleod

GalGael's work featured on BBC

GalGael's work profiled in BBC News feature


Author: Gehan Macleod

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GalGael’s activities offer folk a place of work, some respect and some tools. We work to create a therapeutic environment however what we offer is firmly based in practical skills. So we are reliant on ongoing working relationships with our partner agencies in supporting people with complex needs.



Why we need volunteers

GalGael offers activities that help people reclaim skills, agency and sense of worth. Without our crew of dedicated volunteers we these activities wouldn't happen nor would the many other adventures we have.



Our impact


People have worked with GalGael over the past 10 years. Ten times as many have enjoyed our weekly open workshops, our demonstrations at events throughout Scotland and other cultural happenings. 


Our soup-o-meter reckons that we've shared 27,120 (approximately) bowls of soup or basic meal to keep people fuelled up through the working day.


The number of boats we've built. 

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Our Stories

  • Anne

    Anne's story demonstrates the many ways GalGael makes a difference to people's day-in-day-out. Read more

  • Dale

    “I fell in love with it straight away and now they can't get rid of us,” laughs Dale, who first joined GalGael as a Journey On participant in the winter of 2014 and progressed in to employment with GalGael through the Glasgow Guarantee. Read more

  • Very human humans

    This is not your typical ‘success story’ with happy endings. Brian arrived at GalGael’s workshop with a cynicism bordering on healthy - "I thought GalGael was just another programme to keep the DWP off my back for a few more months while I got on with the business of drinking myself to death, no big deal". Read more