Carving out ways of living with more humanity

Making Just Futures

Making Just Futures is a big new piece of work for GalGael. Over two years, Making Just Futures will empower communities to imagine, determine and ultimately make just futures that meet their needs for living well and sustainably in an increasingly uncertain world.


Author: Gehan Macleod


Our work is powered by people! Our Kinship members stand with us in this work through regular giving. A monthly donation - no matter how small - builds a solid base from which GalGael can offer hope & grow its pioneering approach.


Author: Gehan Macleod

Why we need volunteers

GalGael offers activities that help people reclaim skills, agency and sense of worth. Without our crew of dedicated volunteers, these activities wouldn't happen nor would the many other adventures we have.



Colin's passion shared in BBC Alba documentary

BBC Alba documentary Birdman of Pollok, Curaidh na Coille tells the story of Colin Macleod our founder - a power story for our times. "An inspiring insight into a quest for justice, equity & sustainability of people and place" Broadcasting on 30 December


Author: Gehan Macleod

Our impact


People have worked with GalGael over the past 10 years. Ten times as many have enjoyed our weekly open workshops, our demonstrations at events throughout Scotland and other cultural happenings. 


Our soup-o-meter reckons that we've shared 27,120 (approximately) bowls of soup or basic meal to keep people fuelled up through the working day.


The number of boats we've built. 

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