BBC Alba documentary Birdman of Pollok, Curaidh na Coille tells the story of Colin Macleod our founder - a power story for our times.

"An inspiring insight into a quest for justice, equity & sustainability of people and place"

A BBC Alba documentary was broadcast on 30 December that brought to life in Colin's own words, original footage and interviews with family and friends, the boldness of spirit that shone through his life. His early influences and foundational experiences were forged on exchange trips with the Scottish Tree Trust that took Colin to countries throughout Europe and to the Lokota Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. Stories of his adventures and influences are woven together in a powerful story that recounts the stand Colin would take at Pollok Free State protesting the M77 in the mid 90s. That stand would go on to inspire many and for years to come and fired up his work in establishing the GalGael Trust which he saw as a modern day people reclaiming the right to self determination - people "standing up for honest cares of what's happening locally and in the environment". 

Many of the themes that run through Colin's story speak prophetically to some of the major concerns of today - equality, justice and self determination - as news outlets today feature youth climate strikes, questions about democracy and calls for independence. 

The hour long documentary was be broadcast on BBC Alba on 30 December at 9PM and will be available on iPlayer. BBC Alba have described Colin as "a visionary whose work is still a beacon of hope.".

We here at GalGael were especially grateful to have worked with producer and director Nina Torrance in pulling together some of the threads. Nina has gone the extra mile in capturing both Colin's humour and boundless humanity. We hope those who met Colin will find stirring memories and that others will find inspiration to drive them on in similar works.