We love to welcome new people from down the road or half-way round the globe. There are many ways to get involved in our work. 

Become part of GalGael

There are a number of ways to work along side us:

  • Participate in one of our activities: you can seek a referral via a support worker or pop in and talk to us about applying. We can also welcome people coming to us with a DIY project to learn by doing.
  • Develop your skills while working with us as a volunteer.
  • We also occasionally recruit for new apprentices, staff or board members.

Visit us

You can join us for our open workshop nights and shared meal on Thursday evenings or pop in for a cup of tea and a tour. You'll find us here!

Stay connected

We really want to stay in touch and let you know about what we’re up to and join us at events. Please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page - we won't bombard you as we're usually too busy with all the making to tell people about it! Another good way to stay in touch is through our Facebook pages and Twitter account @GalGael

Be a champion and enabler

Support us in making sure the story of our work is shared widely. Lend us your expertise. Help us connect with other organisations and those of a similar outlook.

Become a kinship member

Be counted among our kinship members who support our vision through regular giving and by being part of our wider community. There are details here, or get in touch for more information.

Share in our learning

We’re always curious about new approaches or ancient perspectives that can make a difference to our work and the world. Connect with us at events, seminars or by getting in touch to share ideas or find out more about what we think we’re learning.