"I was shut down, enclosed, bitter, angry and resentful of everything and everybody; then there was GalGael. I'm a changed man, a better man, a man able to properly express his gratitude and appreciation for just about the first time ever, to open up and allow the world to see who I really am."

Words from past participants, volunteers and apprentices get straight to the point in describing something of the difference GalGael makes. It's hard to quantify the impact we've had beyond that - numbers struggle to paint a complete picture, but let's have a go:

  • 951 people have worked with us over the past 10 years
  • we've built about 21 boats
  • Soup or a basic meal is an important part of our daily routine - our calculations that estimates we’ve shared 27,120 bowls of soup in the last seven years

We work for positive growth beyond ourselves – within our communities and wider society also.

We want to see greater health and wholeness generated simply from more love, more meaning, more hope, more truth, more beauty.

To make this happen we strive for inner, personal, cultural and structural change. For the most part, our day-to-day work focuses on the individual though it is designed to have a wider impact.

You can read more stories about how GalGael has impacted peoples lives on Our Stories section.

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