"The workshop is a space where people come to learn to work with wood, build boats and be part of a wider family - a clan even. A Scottish flag is tied to a girder above the workbench of 36-year-old Rowan Mykytyn.

Before I was doing this, I was long-term unemployed. I slept until late in the day - I didn’t have any motivation. I was going for jobs via the job centre, but a lot of them were soul destroying, ” he says.

“Here nobody judges me. I came as a volunteer, learning how to carve wood. I realised that I love hands-on work.""

Just a taste of the way in which our work at GalGael and the stories of individuals who work alongside us have been sensitively captured with stunning photographs in a story on the BBC News website. 

We're grateful to Christian Petersen for this work. Christian visited GalGael on a couple of occasions, taking the time to get to know us and the workshop. We think that comes across in a great piece.

See for yourself here.