We've been busy the past twenty years since we got going. Here's a selection of reports and publications about our work.

Project Reports

GalGael CV - an organisational CV covering our work of the past two decades

Trust Activities Report 16-17 - Trust Activities Report 2016-17

Journey On Report 15-16 - Project Report 2015-16

Cultural publications

GalGael Charter to share - our GalGael Charter launched 2017

Gal-Gael Peoples of Scotland - a poem written by author and founder board member Alastair McIntosh in our earliest days.

Evaluations & Research Reports

Anchor and Sail Evaluation Report - independent evaluation of our recently concluded 3.5 year partnership project Anchor and Sail

Report on Barmaddy Farmhouse - GalGael Trust - report commissioned from Biba Brand in June 2016 on Barmaddy Farmhouse in relation to the recovery community

People and nature - GalGael - report from action research project completed with support from the Scottish Community Development Centre and Scottish Natural Heritage