We seek to be in solidarity with communities around Scotland and the world. The communities we actively serve are Govan and Glasgow. We particularly want to stand with those most negatively affected by current systems (marginalised and disadvantaged groups, the unemployed and underemployed); including those struggling with mental and physical ill health, addictions, isolation and inequality. We want to engage more with young people, women and ethnic minorities.

GalGael's workshop is situated in Govan, one of Scotland’s lowest ranking datazones in the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation. People accessing our work come from across Glasgow We prioritise the local area where there are stark figures relating to adult mortality rates and specifically drug and alcohol related deaths. For example 26% of the local working age population are employment deprived with the largest group of benefits being health-­related (SIMD16). In Ibrox, where our workshop is based, the rates of alcohol admission are 338% higher than the Scottish average ­ indicating considerable local need for the opportunities that GalGael offers. Research shows that 44% of adults in the area have no qualifications.