Our working principles guide how we work together. They are our commitment to one another.

HOW WE ROLL We keep it real | We get our sleeves rolled up | We give it a go | We carry our own rucksacks

HOW WE LEARN We learn from one another – everyone is a teacher and a learner | We learn from our mistakes | Learning is messy | We are curious about ourselves and about better ways to work together | Through adventures and journeys we learn about new places and parts of ourselves

HOW WE THRIVE We help one another out | We need acceptance | We need the land, culture and meaning | Work is our therapy | We forge new identities founded on our strengths | Together we have enough

HOW WE DO THE WORK AND ORGANISE We put our shoulder to the collective task | We craft beauty from wood | We master skills and ourselves | We look after what we’ve got | We value the collective intelligence | We wrestle ideas into reality | We all have an inner need to contribute and an outer need for livelihood | Work is love made visible

HOW WE RELATE TO ONE ANOTHER We meet one another where we’re at | What happens to you matters to me | We all have something to give | We look to one another’s strengths and give careful feedback on areas for growth | We know shit happens - it's how you shovel it and turn it into good stuff that matters| We practice unconditional love

HOW WE RELATE TO THE WORLD We stand our ground and with those experiencing injustice | We welcome the stranger | We celebrate culture and difference | We respect the past and those who’ve gone before us | We all struggle to adjust to unhealthy structures and systems – being a bit mad or down is a natural response | Justice is what love looks like in public