Our values

Our values guide our decision making and how we work. 

We welcome all

We hold out a welcome to all, especially those on the margins and the stranger. Our welcome is founded in acceptance and compassion. Our welcome is created by non-judgemental spaces where people feel they belong. We take care to make sure that everyone feels welcome and safe.

We are authentic

We are who we are. We are true to ourselves. We walk our talk. We practice open and honest forms of communication. We work in materials that have integrity. We make things that are true to the materials they are made from.

We are together

We need one another. We need to be needed. We are support to one another. Mutual help and kindness enable rather than degrade. We find strength and meaning in the collective. We work to share loads.

We are democratic

We love exploring the many different forms democracy can take. We treat everyone equally. This includes how we make decisions together that draw on the collective wisdom, how we recognise and work with power structures and how we think as a collective.

We have respect

Respect runs through all we do; respect for self and others, respect for tools and materials, respect for spaces and boundaries, respect for difference and other ideas, respect for place and culture.

We take responsibility

“Freedom comes with responsibility”*. Freeing ourselves from dependency in all its forms means we reclaim the right to be responsible for ourselves and our learning, our safety and wellbeing and that of others. We are all invited to take responsibility for bringing GalGael’s vision and values to life.

We are adventurous

We explore the world around us through adventure. This creates chances for learning about ourselves as well as our surroundings. We are curious, constantly learning and growing.

We are practical

We are hands-on. We make things. We wrestle ideas into reality through practical projects.

We are dreamers

We are not afraid to dream big. We hold fast. We draw on our cultural stories, symbols and totems.